Ready-To-Eat (RTE) Meals

Wondering where to find replacement staff to prepare the meals when the cook goes on leave?

We specialise in serving safe and nutritious RTE meals for residents in nursing homes and/or businesses.

Full Diet




Puree Diet

Coarsely Minced

Our experience in working with nursing homes have made us to be one of the most experienced and knowledgeable caterers in Singapore providing therapeutic diets for nursing home residents. Our clients include All Saints Home, Apex Harmony Lodge, St Andrew’s Nursing Home and Pearl’s Hill Care Home.  Here are some of our clients’ commendations (Click links below):

Letter of Commendation from St Andrew’s Nursing Home

Letter of Commendation from Vanguard Healthcare

Our central kitchen equipped with state-of-art technology, ensures the smooth preparation of quality RTE meals that meet nutritional standards.

We are happy to explore different models with you to cater to your specific needs and criteria.

Drop us your contact to and we will arrange a meeting/kitchen site visit to discuss more.